Error code 9C59


Error code 9c59 is an Internet Explorer update issue.

Internet Explorer 11

IE 11 updated in Windows 7

The newest version of IE11 will not get updated due to the corruption of Internet Explorer Update Packages.

IE11 is a version of Internet explorer, as web browser by Microsoft. It is officially released on 17 October 2013 for Windows 8 and on 7 November 2013 for Windows 7.

There may be a question from many saying I am still able to use Internet Explorer. Then why it is being considered as a corrupted update.

Answer for this question is Update Packages remain transparent and they will only appear while the relevant package has been released.

Is it important to have IE update?

It is actually pipelined from important updates under Windows Updates.

Is it mandatory to install these updates?

We’ve all seen those pesky alerts when using our computers. Windows needs to install another update. The video drivers need another update. Even the antivirus software needs a daily update at times. While each of these is particularly frustrating considering the frequency in which updates are needed, they’re an important element of any software experience.

Their intended purpose is to quickly push out fixes to bugs that may be occurring and create a safe computer environment. When you browse the internet, your computer is at the mercy of its current protective measures. Viruses, malware and rootkits are always on the search for security holes to exploit and gain entry to your personal data.

How to resolve error code 9c59?

Since it is mentioned, that the software corruption is the main issue. It is not really easier to fix this issue in one shot.

Your PC needs to be restarted for each and every troubleshooting step.

Steps as followed:

Primary step is to check the Internet Explorer version you have on your computer.

It can be IE8,IE9, IE10, IE11.

Step1: Reset Internet Explorer.

Step2: Open Controlpanel -> Programs and Features -> Select View Installed Updates

Step3: Search for Internet explorer under Installed Windows updates.

Most of the cases, you will find Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.

Step4: Select and Uninstall the displayed IE version.

Check for Windows Updates.

Now Install the Updates successfully.

In special conditions, if the issues are very critical there are chances that the issue cannot be resolved with this troubleshooting.

In such cases, it is better to seek for technical support.

Live experts are available to assist you on your computer.

Seek Live Assistance from our experts and keep your computers optimized, secured with updates and learn the steps to maintain the computer further.

If you have IE11, you can ignore the repeated update.