Couldn’t install Office- How to fix?

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Couldn’t install Office- How to fix?

Office 2013 and Office 365 have certain issues with the system programs. Some of the programs are not compatible with the latest version of Office.

The issue is with the versions of the third party apps. If you get any issue with Office 2013 installation, make sure to check the programs that are causing this issue from your System Events. Based on the name of the Program, do update the versions of the relevant Software Programs.

Dependencies during Office installation is not just with the third -party programs. The other dependencies are due to the Network Connectivity, the Office Couldn’t install.

The latest update is the Printer Drivers can also cause this issue. In case if the Printer drivers are not working correctly or the drivers are being installed from the Manufacturer website can cause these issue. You may check for Possible Generic Drivers form Windows Updates and fix the issues with Office Installation.

Office 2013 and Office365 are the main programs which can get affected with all the above said conditions.

The Disk cleanup and the cleaning of Malware Programs can also be helpful to continue the smooth installation of Office.

The Office 2013 has got a DVD options to install the software without any Network dependencies.

In case of Office 365, there  is no possibility to install through a DVD as it is a Click-to-Run Version based Software.

The Office 2013 Professional plus is the only software having the customized installation options.

Office 2013 and Office 365 is not advisable to uninstall from the Programs and Features. There are Fix it Tools avaialable online for uninstallation. As this needs the Registry cleanup and removal of Old Office folders, these Fix it Tools can be used rather than manual uninstallation.

If in case the manual uninstallaiton failes once, you cannot use the Fix it Tool, it is always required to do a Manual cleanup.

The office 2013 and Office 365 programs will get installed correctly if you need the support.