Error 8504,104 appears on Norton Product

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

This error code 8504,1404 appears on Norton product because of another security product or a threat that stopping the Norton services. It can also be caused by failed installation or interrupted updates while the product is upgraded to a newer version.

The solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Norton Product. See that there are no comebacks of old license or products when you remove the program. The Norton is a security product and so many of it’s patches are inside the system registry. There is a removal tool provided by Norton to remove all the versions of Norton and they can help you to reinstall the Norton Product.

Norton forums also mention that it may happen due to a malware attack or another virus product. It is recommended to remove the conflicting security products in the first case before re-intalling Norton.

Norton remove and reinstall tool is described and discussed on end user profile pages of Norton. There is a remove only facility under advanced options of a Norton Product. Norton is a product of Symantec. Hence if you find any Non-Symantec products installed on your computer,try to remove those non-symantec products first.

The third case is the updates play a major role in the installation of any product, hence it is recommended to update the graphic drivers such like AMD, Intel, and NVidia .

There are automatic updates which can be done through the device manager or alternatively visit the manufacturer portals to get the latest updates.

It is also considered to be a broken installation of Norton where as the network should be consistent during the installation of Norton product. The impact of network go-down during the installation will be unexpected series of errors when you open a program.

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