How to delete temporary files?

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

How to delete temporary files?

Temporary files are those which gets created automatically on a Windows computer. It is a common scenario for all software programs to rely on temporary files to start and functioning of a program.

Disk cleanup tool

Do we need these Temporary files?

The answer for this question is yes. These files are required to make the program open and function.

Have you ever know about standby mode of your system?

There are cases where you try to Hibernate your system and comeback to resume some programs where you left.

This procedure causes some  temporary files on your computer. If there is any real time tune up program which is not set correctly, you may not be able to resume your programs

In general, all the temporary files can be deleted after working on your computer. Because these files get accumulated in the temporary folders and can slow down your computer performance. Some of the unwanted temporary files may contain virus programs which crawl your computer.

To get your computer cleaned regularly, there are many programs for tune up including Windows programs. The manufacturers of every program leaves a file open on your computer to make it easy for the user to easily open the program in future. But these amount of temporary files together creates the unwanted issues.

The temporary files are with .tmp extensions. There are also files that are temporary and an user cannot delete them. This means the previous program locked those files and are not letting you to delete those files. In such cases , a system restart can leave the file lock and it will be unlocked which will let you  remove the program from your computer.

How to delete Temporary files?

There are third party programs or manual methods available to delete temporary files.

What are temporary internet files?

If you are surfing web and you uploaded a file or downloaded a file, you might have played a game or watched a video online. To support all these activities, there will be some temporary files which gets downloaded to your computer first and then let you access these pages, such files which support  you to open webpages are called temporary internet files.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which helps the programmers

The temporary files or temporary internet files are also called as junk files and can cause malware or spyware issues on your computer.