1. First, make sure the Internet Explorer is completely shut down. Do this by closing any IE windows you have open. Next open the Task Manager by hitting the Shift +Ctrl + Esc buttons simultaneously.



2. When the Task Manager window opens, look for any “iexplorer.exe” tasks that are running. Highlight these tasks and press the End Task button.

3. Now that you have stopped all Internet Explorer processes, you will now need to open Internet Properties.

4. Open the Start menu and click on Control Panel. Then locate and click onNetwork and Internet Connections. Next click on Internet Options.

5. Now, locate the Advanced tab on the top right. Click to select the Advanced tab.

6. Scan down the Advanced tab window and you will see a button that says Resetbelow the prompt to Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Click on the Reset button.

7. A prompt will now appear that asks you if you are sure you want to reset all the Internet Explorer settings. Have no fear, this is exactly what we want to do. Verify by clicking Reset at the bottom of the warning window.


Internet Explorer