How to protect from 0-day Dridex malware virus attack

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

0-day Dridex malware virus attack on word files detected on computers having problems with Windows updates.


Microsoft Word infected with a ransom ware attack with the attachments sent on emails.

Hackers are targeting the customers financial details with different subject lines in the attachments sent on email. The subject line on email is shown as “Scan Data” , “Sorry for the delaying”  with compressed attachments. Subject line is immaterial as they keep changing the subject lines and this virus basically attacks your emails and enters into inbox of Outlook. If it is attempted to open any such attachments, the financial data from your computers will be transferred to the hackers and your bank data gets compromised.

We have been assisting users who had such issues on their computers and the impact is critical.

The infected files should be carefully scanned with malware tools and then it is required to install all the security updates. Windows updates and Office updates includes the solutions for such Ransom ware.

It is advised to not to open attachments form unknown senders. It is a security threat in this month of April 2017. Word virus like word virus burroughs, word virus burroughs pdf, malware word macro,

To analyse and fix the issues and see that your computer is secure, please update the virus definitions with windows defender and thirdparty security programs. Try to use firewalls and internet security programs to filter e-mail virus attachments.

Windows security updates and it’s release notes are clearly describing the impact of such malware attacks and the fixes by changing the security settings. The patches will get released by Microsoft to safeguard the word programs. Zero-day vulnerabilities became active before the patch was made available.Hackers can adversely affect computer programs by exploiting zero day virus. This is an unknown vulnerability to the public which happens to enter using the crack software programs.