One Drive keeps crashing – will not finish startup

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Please try the troubleshooting steps below to see if it will resolve your issue. Check your photos and files for timestamps that may have bee set too far into the future.

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Click on OneDrive on the left hand side
  3. Right click the DATE field in the header and check Date Taken.  You may need to click on More in order to add this field.
  4. Date Taken will be added all the way to the right.  Type in the word “Pictures” in the search box on the top right and press enter.  Make sure to change view to Details
  5. Sort by date taken (if Date Taken does not show, do the steps from #3).
  6. Look for any date that has an unusual time stamp such as one done in the future.  If there is one, edit to a more realistic date.

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