There was a problem sending the command to the program

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Did you see an error message “There was a problem sending the command to the program ” when opening a word program. This is a conditional error code which happens when the communication fail between your system resources with Microsoft Windows Operating system.

The communication path established by the system files and the applications are dll files. This issue stops the programs to run correctly and can cause behavioral issues with personal files. The files couldn’t be opened correctly and may fail to open. That may also cause the users to delete the personal files and folders considering the data is corrupted.

An Office program opens by using the call function from the System files to initiate the program. If the user profile is corrupted, the system functions cannot initiate the programs.

This can cause compatibility issues and the default functional behaviour of a program switches to old windows operating system.

The properties needs to be modified manually to fix the issues.

Problem sending the command to a program

This refers to the error message type as problem sending the command to  program.

These changes happens to all the programs separately. As a fix, we need to modify from the properties of the respective sources. This error can impact on any type of Office versions.

This issue is also found with an upgraded operating system from any previous Windows. The Office program can be reinstalled in such cases.

Some of the known issues when this kind of failure happens.

A program is not closed properly and this cannot be started immediately. A system restart is required to make the program to work correctly.

Word failed to open , excel needs to be closed.

word not responding, excel not responding, outlook not responding.

Outlook not responding, Outlook not working, Outlook failed to open. 

System login failure and the computer shutdown suddenly. The program is terminated while a system process is in progress.

To foresee these kind of issues do not get repeated, a system optimization is advised by performing the deletion of temporary files.

And the necessary changes takes place with a manual troubleshooting with the help of a trained technician.

Incorrect changes may lead to inevitable failures. A trained tech on call can help you more efficiently and can fix this incident and make sure to guide an user to fix in future by themselves.