How To Run Excel or Word on Office 365 in New Computer

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

How To Run Excel or Word on Office 365 in New Computer


whenever you try and open an excel file or a word file two Error Messages come up:

One says We are sorry but excel has run into an Error that is preventing it from working correctly.  Excel will need to close as a result.  Would you like to repair now?  With 3 button options:  Repair Now      Help     Close

Solution :

The basic troubleshooting to repair this issue is to repair the office program, if it fails we needtouninstall and re-install the program. The necessary steps may be helpful in understanding how to install Office and Uninstall/repair Office programs.

Here is how to resolve the issue. Feel free to call me or Dobos and we can assist if needed.

1. Open Excel

2. Go to File =>Options => Trust Center => (right side of window) click Trust Center Settings

3. Click Protected View and UNCHECK all 3 check marks. Click OK and close and open Excel

4. All done!




The installation errors or any run time errors might occur due to the following issues.

> There may be temporary files, temporary internet files, junk files and cookies which mayhampertheperformance of your computer.

> This will slow down the performance of your computer and also affects the programs response if it is not resolved.

> There are inevitable issues like malware and spyware if we do not Optimize your computer.

> All such issues might also sometimes crashes the system programs.

However, if you’re not able to fix the Office issue after all the steps.we’d like to provide with you an alternative way to install / repair Office.

If you need further assistance in performing the proposed actions, please don’t hesitate to chat with our Technical experts.


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