Error code 0x80071A90

This error code 0x80071A90 often occurs on Microsoft Office if the other programs are using the same resources.

This error code  0x80071A90 is found in  Windows 7, Windows 8.1 operating systems mostly. Most of the case investigations shown that the security programs restricting the updates.

As a general practice it is required to open the respective programs and search under settings to disable them temporarily. The other aspects are pending updates with your security programs.

Recent investigations shown that Quicken program on WIndows 10 failed to open because of the failed .Net framework. This can be downloaded manually from Microsoft Catalog and can be installed without network connection. This kind of packages are called stand alone packages and are independent to the system services.

Microsoft also releases the updates related to dot net usable on all the Windows Operating systems under optional updates list. Those can be selected based on the program requires a dot net framework. This error code 0x80071A90 is also discussed on many forums and knowledge based articles to understand the causes. Most of them are showing different reasons and so a basic troubleshooting is required to understand the issue in detail.

The .net required is 2.0. However the version .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 is  a common version for 2.0 and 2.5

This can also be manually downloaded or can also be repaired by searching it under programs and features.

Error code 0x80071A90

If there is no avail with all the troubleshooting steps for the error code 0x80071A90, we suggest to use a .NET removal tool to clean all the .NET versions and then re-install the program.

The error code ‘0x80071A90’ often happens when files that are required by Windows are in use by other programs. According to the error message “The function attempted to use a name reserved for use by another transaction”


Some case studies also proved that older versions of quicken programs may interfere with the dotnet Framework updates.