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Windows update is a service by Microsoft Live Assist. We have trained experts who can provide assistance on all Windows operating systems and different Microsoft Products. Windows update includes priority and optional updates as an additional features for your existing products. These updates include security patches and latest software versions and helps your programs to get compatible with the latest hardware components.

Windows update help and support:

windows update support

The Windows update help and support is a service for the Microsoft users. The diagnosis rendered by Live Assist for the improvement and the best usage of the products. Live Assist acts like an additional help and support for rendering these services. Microsoft has fans around the world and it is definitely difficult for any company to provide the assistance without a delay. Efficient support can only be an outcome with a proper understanding of the technical staff. The technical staffing is a continuous process to provide the assistance for the clients.

Microsoft Services

Microsoft has been continuously delivering at it’s best with all the outsourcing companies to give complete support to it’s users. Microsoft services are limited only to it’s products and the third party software or product dependencies will be well informed to the users and asks them to reach relevant support nodes. This is a proactive support to help the users without limits. Live Assist not only provides solutions for Windows updates or Microsoft products like Office, word, powerpoint, excel and outlook. We are also helping the users with different Operating system platforms and different software technologies.

Microsoft Catalog

Windows updates services are generated from a Microsoft catalog. Third party software vendors and hardware vendors get signatured for the compatible software for their devices and they can also provide this updates through Microsoft as optional updates.

Microsoft examines the priority of an update and will look allocate the relevant optional or important windows updates for the other software. There can be an impact on third party software programs like accounting or other financial tools with the latest developments.

For any additional assistance on Windows updates, connect with the technician on chat.

Microphone Issues In Window 8

How To Resolve Microphone Issues In Window 8

1. Search for “setup mic” in Windows 8, and select “Set up a microphone” from the “Settings” area in the top left.

2. Select a type of mic like “Headset mic,” “desktop mic” or “other.” Click “”Next.”

3. Make sure your mute button is off, and that your mouth isn’t too close to it.Click “Next.”

4. Say the phrase printed on screen out loud. The empty bar will fill up to show the volume. When you’re satisfied with the volume and when it’s within a certain range, you can click “Next” to continue.

5. Hit the “Finish” button to save the settings and close the window.

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