Norton 360 Wont Work With Rapid Boot

Norton 360 Wont Work with RAPID BOOT application on LENOVO Laptop

Rapid boot is an inbuilt app in Lenovo systems. But many experts say that was a tweak.

We would suggest you to uninstall Rapidboot in order to fix this issue.

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 Windows 10 Analyzer says Norton 360 won’t work with W10. This tool so called as Rapid Boot as a preinstalled product allows you to backup or restore the data. Unfortunately few versions of Rapid Boot said to be having compatibility issues with your Norton Security program. The best way is to update the versions either side.

For any additional or repeated issues with Rapid Boot compatibility  , this can be discussed with the System manufacturer and the security program vendor.  The rapid boot is an advanced software to allow the backup of the Windows Operating system and is a provision to their clients by Lenovo. However there are few generic auto backup features with latest Windows operating systems.

The data can be backed up to external hard drives or the discs. Seagate or some of the external hard disk companies have an independent application which facilitates the same purpose.

The manual way to understand the backup is limited to few folders on the user profile. When the file explorer can be navigated, check the user profile and it’s folders and that can be an easy way to backup the limited files and folders as required.

Some cases there are the laptops with the same models but the norton product may work only one few. It is because of the versions incompatibility. The software has a manual or an auto update feature on the product manufacturer portals.

Few other cases, a system restart can resolve if there are any temporary issues with the compatibility of Norton and Lenovo Rapid Boot programs.