Internet Explorer not responding

Internet Explorer and MS Word are not responding



Internet explorer shows it is not responding while accessing websites. This is a common for all kinds of Windows Operating systems.

Message displayed:

Do you want to recover message appears on IE while opening a webpage


Summary: This message can appear because of the temporary internet files, cookies, add ons.

Resolution: To conclude, the Internet explorer can be opened in safe mode. Check if that works fine on your computer.

To do that, please follow the instructions:

Windows 7 users:

Click on start -> Type RUN in the search box-> Click on the RUN window displayed in the search results.

Type IEXPLORE /SAFE and click OK


Windows 8 users:

Right click on the left bottom corner where you find the Windows Button-> Select Run ->Once the RUN Window is open, enter the below command.

Type IEXPLORE /SAFE and click OK


Alternate ways to open a Run Window

Shortcut: Press Windows and R buttons together.


If you are using any other web browsers, you can execute an Inprivate browsing which can be found on settings.

Safemode will in turn automatically disables the third party add-ins and also do not remember the search history.

Most of the cases, this works. If you feel it is working, we can proceed to fix the Browser based issues on your computer as explained.


Note: Add ins are not disabled by any third party program. They have to be disabled manually and also we should remove them from your computer.

In usual cases, these add-ins are not found on your programs and features. These have to be removed from the registry.


You can also initiate a chat with us for further support.