Office 365 Support

Office 2013 technical support is available for installation and repair purposes.

office 2013 technical support

office 2013 technical support

Windows 10 support and Office 2016 support

For Windows users ,it is required to login to the office portals and use the install option.

If you have bought office for personal use.

Please visit

Use the install option on the screen to install office.

In order to install office for students or work, use this link.

NOTE 1: If you received the office program from the University as a student package

NOTE 2: If office program is given by your company as a part of HUP (Home User Program),

Apple users can download the office application from the itunes store and the same program can be activated using the office account login credentials.

Microsoft office 2013 technical support is available for the home users and the business users.

Conditions for Free support:

  1. Free support for office 2013 technical support is only applicable for the below conditions
  2. First time installation of product or configuration of the product to share with family and friends.

If the product is attempted to re-install, please consider this can be a paid support depending on the reasons.

Office 365 home and office 365 personal software installation support, office 2013, office 2016 installation support is available.

NOTE: Office 365 is automatically updated to office 2016 if the automatic updates are enabled.

If at any case, the user wants to switch the product to 2013, it can be reinstalled using advanced options.

Charges for one time support starting  from $30 / hour and $75 for 2 or more hours depending on the issue criticality.

We advise you to choose this as a one time support where you can save a money on services.

The annual subscription benefits when you have multiple computers for the support.

Please chat with us using