Unlicensed Product in Microsoft Office/Windows

The unlicensed product is a message that usually appears for the products that exceed the trial period and was not activated. In general Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows operating system related products come with an activation key called as a product key or a license number to use the product for a specific period of time.

The activation depends on the subscribed period of time and if the time is exceeded and the product is still not activated, there are chances to see an Unlicensed product.

There are cases wherein the users purchase the computers from the resellers and the software products installed were assigned with a product key. If the product key is not entered or a trial version has been installed on the machines, there are numerous chances to receive an Unlicensed product related error messages.

Office products are available in different modes such like lifetime licensed and subscription-based, these products should be activated online when purchased, if you miss activating the product, they may work for 3 days on trial and ends up with the error messages called unlicensed products.

In certain cases, there is a change of local time zone settings on the computer during the time of activation which ultimately ends up with unlicensed product messages when taken back to a different time zone.

The unlicensed product on windows operating system is a specific error message which could happen due to updates or the interruption of third-party products and malware on a computer.

License keys are available from stores and online and these keys are stored in the registry repository in an encoded format once activated. If there are registry related issues, there could be glitches in your computer software that ends up with an unlicensed error message.

Solutions for Unlicensed Product:

To check for the Unlicensed Product issues we need to follow the below steps…

Method 1: Verify that you’re assigned a license in the Microsoft Office 365 portal

Sign in to the Office 365 portal, click Settings, and then click Office 365 settings.

  1. Locate the Assigned licenses area.
  2. If you see The latest desktop version of Office, you have an Office subscription assigned correctly.
  3. If you don’t see The latest desktop version of Office, contact your admin or go to the following Microsoft websites:
    • For Small Business admin: Assign or remove licenses
    • For Enterprise or Midsize admin: Assign or remove licenses, or view a list of unlicensed users

Method 2: Uninstall the Office product key by using the “OSPP.VBS /unpkey” command.

still, need assistance(remote or live) to resolve the issue initiate the chat.Unlicensed Product

Other Errors :

Error Code 0-2 Error Code 300184-4 Error Code 30089-13 Error Code 30145-16
Error Code 15-14 Error Code 2-4 Error Code 32-4 Error Code 5-11
Error Code 30203-11 Error Code 0-3 Error Code 30029-4 Error Code 30033-27
Error Code 30033-77 Error Code 30045-11 Error Code 30045-4 Error Code 30088-26
Error Code 30088-27 Error Code 30088-4 Error Code 0-4 Error Code 30089-4
Error Code 30094-1 Error Code 30094-4 Error Code 30102-11 Error Code 30102-13
Error Code 30102-4 Error Code 30125-4 Error Code 30145-13 Error Code 0-9
Error Code 30145-27 Error Code 30145-4 Error Code 30169-22 Error Code 30174-4
Error Code 30175-4 Error Code 12002-4 Error Code 12007-4 Error Code 12152-4