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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

To Setup Outlook.com For Your Domain

In case you have not heard, Outlook.com released it’s neat new email client for personal use (and commercial use). This offering is comparable to Google Apps for Business as you can also use Outlook.com for your business under your own domain. In addition, many of the same features that Google Apps for Business offers are available with Microsoft’s offering as well. In this article, we’ll go through how to setup Outlook.com for your domain. It’s requires a few technical details, but I’ll walk you through each step so that you can get your business or website email functioning

Step 1: Create a live email address

If you don’t already have a Microsoft email address (Live, Hotmail, Outlook.com), you will need to create one. Don’t worry, it is super easy, and either create an ID using a new email address or use an existing email address and create an ID. live email address

live email address

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