When I try to set up Outlook.com to send email through my Gmail account, I get error code 535

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Continue using Two-step verification – Generate an App Password


1.      Navigate to account.live.com

2.      Login with  the Microsoft Account that is being used to authenticate the SMTP server

3.      Click on Security Info, verify with code if required, click on Create new app password


4.      Copy password that is generated


5.      Login to your Gmail account

6.      Click the COG icon then go to Settings

7.      Click on Accounts

8.      Click on edit info beside the Outlook.com account under Send mail as: section.

9.      Click on Next Step to be prompted for credentials, click “Edit Password” to modify the password

10.   Enter the App password generated in Step 4 instead of existing Outlook.com password and click Save Changes


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