windows not working

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Windows not working is a message which appears in different ways. In case if there is a program which is stalling for a long time, if you try to reopen the same program which is trying to open, it says windows not responding.

Synonyms for this error Windows not working are Windows not responding.

Windows not responding can be at an application level or on your operating system level. All the programs in a Windows Operating system opens up on Windows and thus it is named as Windows operating system. If one of the window stops working, the issue is expressed as Windows not working by many users.

The prerequisites to understand this issue are to understand the name of the program which is not working. If a program is the problem cause, try repairing the program or reinstall the program.

For example, Office suite is a Microsoft Windows based program, if there are minor issues with the incompatibility or version updates or system hardware drivers related, it may show as office not responding.


The main reasons for the update issues are as followed.

There will be some prerequisite windows updates which are supposed to be installed for an failed update.
May be due to the second time installation of same update without proper cleanup.
There can be windows installer service related issues.
There can be system file corruptions.
The windows files may be missing from your computer.
The system updates may be interrupted due to the system restart.
The system stopped responding due to the temporary and junk file issues.
There can be virus related issues which are stopping the general functions of your other computer services.
Antivirus might have stopped the network access and might require exceptions.
Network related issues.
Missing windows files can halt windows updates.

Common problems with Windows updates are as followed
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